I attended a presentation for Timeshare Exit Team aka ReidHein and Associates to see about getting rid of my Diamond timeshare. During the presentation they described themselves as a law firm that is providing legal services to consumers who have been ripped off like myself by timeshare companies.

During this presentation I was very skeptical as I have already paid one company to get rid of my timeshare and they were unsuccessful. Since I have already had one bad experience with a company of this sort I decided to do a little research prior to agreeing to do anything with their company. The information I have found is very unsettling. Seems to be just another fresh scam company trying to collect a check from timeshare owners.

They talked very strongly about the fact that they don't sell timeshares that they actually get your contract cancelled. Upon do a google search I found a complaint on another website regarding them selling timeshares. Are they telling clients that they are getting them out of their contract but they are indeed selling them and collecting extra money?

Also, the individuals at the presentation were unable to give me the names of their attorneys. I searched high and low and have come to the conclusion that neither ReidHein or Timeshare Exit Team are a law firm, yet legal verbiage is all over their website. "Legal" this... "Legal" that but they are not a law firm. This is false advertisement!

They wanted me to pay over $5,000 dollars to them for these apparent "legal services" that they are supposed to provide me, but the contract is with them and not a licensed attorney. So do I pay them and they pay an attorney?

This whole thing sounds like a HUGE scam to me. How are companies like this still in business. It seems like the entities that are supposed to protect us consumers are not doing their jobs.

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Total scam. Got a BBB complaint going - 15 months of nothing but evasive responses and no action. Do not give them your money!!!!!!!

North Hollywood, California, United States #1262287

Timeshare Exit Team was a great find for us!They got us out of our timeshare within 7 months.

We were told it could take up to 18 months. They laid everything out to us at our initial meeting and delivered on everything that was promised. Their was no rush or pressure and they gave us payment options to fit our budget. They are also endorsed by Dave Ramsey and he doesn't endorse just anybody.

We trust Dave and can't thank Timeshare Exit Team and their staff enough for everything.I would highly recommend them to my family or friends or anybody looking to get rid of their timeshare.


Some one can help me the ReidHein timeshare-exit team is legit?

to Philippine president 000 #1369563

No!Run away!

misleading and deceptive company.Save your money!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1215817

Amen, where are the consumer protection groups?5 years down the line some AG will sue them in a class action suit.

They'll pay a minimum fine and you and hundreds of other victims will receive a $5 check for something that the government could stop today. It's sad how business rip off hard working people. Thanks for sharing.

I'll continue paying for my first bad decision, Fantasea Resorts, Flagship Condominium ***.in Atlantic City, NJ

Chelmsford, Massachusetts, United States #1203084

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this!it really helped me.

Don't listen to the people about not paying up front.Only people who have walked in your shoes will understand how ridiculous it is to get rid of a timeshare.

Parsippany, New Jersey, United States #1197260

Don't pay anyone money up front!

Gaston, South Carolina, United States #1176782

Thank you, this was very helpful

Puyallup, Washington, United States #1115736

Only a fool would pay a third party $5K up front to get our of a timeshare contract. You can hire an experienced attorney for less money and get better results. Use your common sense.

to Mike C #1156413

They got us out of our timeshare!It only took four months.

They said it would probably take between three and nine months.We are very happy!

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